Weight: 12,000 lbs


Purity at 3600 SCFH - 99.999% N2
Purity at 4800 SCFH - 99.99% N2
Purity at 6200 SCFH - 99.90% N2
Purity at 10,400 SCFH - 99.50% N2
Two Boost Pumps - Oil Free 25HP each, 300-500 psi
Dual redundant oil free system
Cuts with shop air at 10,000 SCFH at 500 psi for Aluminum

  Customer Supplied Provisions:

  • One breaker protected, 480V power supply to the boost pumps (Approximately 60A). The boost pumps will be provided with a fused locked disconnect.
  • Shop air 130-145 psi, (300 SCFM, minimum) which needs to be delivered to the nitrogen generator free of oil vapor and water, particulates down to .01 microns, dry air to 38 degrees F pressure dew point at 145 psi.
  • Shipping expense from Minden, Nevada to the customer's location. Loading at Minden will be provided by INTO N2, LLC.

  Manufacturer Training Included!

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