Triform Fluid Cell Sheet Hydroforming Press

Triform Fluid Cell Sheet Hydroforming Press


Fluid Cell sheet hydroforming presses are ideal for making parts with complex geometries, bends, and curves. During a fluid cell cycle, blank sheet material is placed atop a single stationary form block (tool), which rests unsecured on the lower platen or working surface. A pressurized diaphragm filled with hydraulic fluid extends over the tool and blank, expanding as it exerts equal pressure on every point inside the chamber. The result is a near-net-shape part which requires little or no secondary finishing.

Triform’s fluid cell sheet hydroforming presses come in a variety of sizes to accommodate parts ranging from 2″ to 120” long. Additionally, multiple parts can be formed in a single fluid cell cycle, as long as the tools and blanks fit within the forming area – including parts of different sizes.

Triform fluid cell presses are considered high-performance alternatives to traditional rubber pad forming presses. While pad forming typically applies pressure of ~1,000 – 1,500 PSI on the part, Triform sheet hydroforming presses offer 5,000 – 10,000 PSI. And, unlike traditional pad forming, which applies pressure only on the top surface of the part, Triform presses apply uniform pressure on every square inch of the part.

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2snsbrandsslider 05About Triform

Innovative Sheet Hydroforming Machinery

The Triform line of Sheet Hydroforming Presses was developed in direct response to an unmet need in the marketplace for modern sheet hydroforming equipment.

At the time (2007), companies searching for sheet hydroforming presses were faced with equally unappealing options. Manufacturers of new sheet hydroforming equipment were extremely scarce, with new machine prices corresponding to the lack of competition. Those unable to afford new sheet hydroforming technology often resorted to sourcing used equipment which was manufactured from the 1950's - 1970's. These used machines presented several potential hazards including outdated hydraulic & control systems, a lack of available service & support and high transportation & intstallation costs.

Pryer, a leading provider of structural components, assemblies and kits to the aerospace industry, through their extensive utilization of sheet hydroforming equipment, understood clearly the hole which existed in the market. They began an exhaustive search to locate a machinery manufacturer with the experience & capabilities required to develop a modern answer to those aging machines manufactured decades ago.

This search led to Beckwood Press Company, a manufacturer of custom hydraulic presses & automation systems with nearly four decades of experience in product design, development and manufacturing, based in St. Louis, MO USA.

Beckwood leveraged its experience and in-house engineering & manufacturing resources - along with the sheet hydroforming process/application knowledge Pryer had amassed since its founding in 1965 - to create the first Triform in time for display at Fabtech 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the years since, numerous advanced Fluid Cell & Deep Draw Triform presses have been manufactured & delivered to facilities across the globe, including in Mexico, India, China, South Africa and the United States.

Today, Triform presses are sold, manufactured, serviced & supported by Beckwood Press Company, from their company headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri USA. With several additional Triform machines currently being manufactured for both new & repeat customers, it's clear that Triform's initial goal of filling a need within the marketplace has been successful. This broad acceptance, granted by the world forming community, has made Triform Sheet Hydroforming one of the truly great manufacturing success stories of the past decade.