EZSander Metalworking Sander

EZSander Metalworking Sander


The Metal EZ Sander was developed to fit the needs of both the small metalworking job shop as well as the larger shop looking for an affordable way to get a small wide belt to eliminate periodic jobs that require hand sanding or deburring. The EZ Sander allows shops to finally upgrade from their drum sander and yet still keep the unit small enough and portable to fit their shop. The EZ Sander is loaded with features and built with in a heavy duty construction to provide for years of dependable, consistent, labor saving sanding/deburring.

Machine Features:

36” (900 mm) wide-belt sander
The EZ Sander is built to process parts up to 36” wide with the ability to hold very tight tolerance side to side.

6” rubber covered drum sanding head
The sanding head is a 6” diameter rubber covered contact drum which allows the operator to be aggressive when needing to do stock removal and also allows for graining/finishing and deburring.

Cam adjustable contact drum with dial indicator
The Metal EZ Sander is equipped with a cam adjustable 6” inch diameter contact drum. This allows the operator to easily make the necessary adjustment when going from a thicker coarse abrasive belt to a thinner fine abrasive belt without having to adjust the four individual pinch rolls to ensure they keep the correct amount of pinch pressure on parts being processed. The dial indicator precisely measures in .001” the amount of movement the drum is being raised or lowered to make the necessary correct adjustment for the belt thickness to ensure proper pinch roll pressure is being applied to allow the parts to feed correctly through the machine.

Heavy duty dual spring loaded rubber covered pinch rolls positioned on each side of the contact drum sanding head
The Metal EZ Sander comes with dual-spring loaded rubber covered pinch rolls on each side of the contact drum to ensure the part being processed has ample tension holding it down to the conveyor while it is running under the contact drum.

VariableSpeed Conveyor at 10-30 fpm
The conveyor belt speed is set to run at 10-30 fpm and is controlled at the main control panel by simply turning the dial to your desired speed within the 10-30 fpm range.

0-5”conveyor bed opening
The conveyor table/bed opening has a 0” to 5” opening allowing the operator to sand some parts as thick as 5” and have the ability to sand very thin parts as well.

Electronic abrasive belt tracking system
The EZ Sander is equipped with a state of the art electronic tracking system for the abrasive belt. With an electronic beam of light and a pneumatic cylinder working together in an enclosed system the abrasive belt is tracked automatically to allow you to prevent possible streaking caused by uneven mineral wear on the abrasive belt.

Abrasive belt loading door safety interlock
The EZ Sander has been built with several safety features with one being the interlock on the abrasive belt loading door which prevents the operator from continuing to run the abrasive belt motor when the abrasive belt loading door is open while it is running. If the door is opened while the machine is running the machine automatically shuts down the machine and the disc brake on the main motor is engaged to stop the belt in a few seconds.

Digital thickness readout for conveyor bed settings
A digital readout thickness gauge is provided to make setting the height or the conveyor bed to the desired thickness with readout being down to the .001” or .01mm.

Centrally-located control panel with hour meter
Centrally located control panel lets the operator easily reach and view the necessary items from the front of the machine while loading parts at the infeed area of the machine.

Overthick shut-off system on infeed
Overthick safety door at located at the infeed area of the machine is designed to help prevent the feeding of overthick parts from being feed into the machine which will help keep the machine and operator from being harmed or injured. If too thick of a part is fed into the machine and triggers the door safety switch, the machine is designed to shut down helping to prevent any harm or damage to the operator and or the machine.

Safety micro switches to prevent mis-tracked belts
Safety Micro Switches are positioned on both inboard and outboard sides of the abrasive belt to keep the belt from tracking too far. These limit switches have ceramic sleeves on them to help prevent any spark if the abrasive belt should track too far and engage these micro limit switches.

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Compact, heavily constructed industrial sanders

EZ Sander was developed to fill the needs of both the novice and experienced metal/woodworker. It was designed to offer them a small but heavily constructed sander with the types of features found on larger industrial machines.


EZ Sander is a division of Apex Machine Group. Apex Machine Group offers a full line of abrasive sanding machines and supplies for processing a variety of wood, metal and composite/plastic components. Standard machines are built for stock and may be used for common applications.