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8981baf0 e415 4c80 9103 bd1043758fb8Price: $249,000.00 + delivery
(origin: Michigan)

  • CY2D S4020, 6’x12’ (side load, back version)
  • Double shuttle table changer
  • 3kW IPG fiber laser generator
  • Brand new chiller
  • Dust collector
  • Laptop with CAD/CAM and NESTING software license included
  • Controls on trolley
  • Y 2011
  • 1 year warranty
  • 6 months support included




Fiber laser cutting system CY2D HL6020 (6’x20’)


  • Specifically designed to take advantage of the fiber laser technology;
  • Compatible with the main CAD-CAM software available in the market;
  • Construction philosophy with the use of Off-The-Shelf components to avoid forced customer retention;
  • Absolute precision and mechanical stability thanks to the “Airplane” structure;
  • No repositioning needs, maximum precision in large plates;
  • Horizontal material storage, with the possibility of processing multiple plates on a single pallet;
  • EVO III proprietary cutting head, designed and built by CYLASER; the most advanced in fiber laser industry, being the result of 15 year experience in this specific process.

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Fiber optic laser cutting and welding systems

The main advantages of using fiber laser sources are:

– Radical simplification of the source architecture
– Extremely lower energy consumption resulting into lower operating and initial investment cost
– High level of control and machine efficiency

Since its founding in 2004, CYLASER has pioneered the practical application of fiber laser sources by focusing the efforts of a team of more than 30 different suppliers and industrial partners on the goal of moving this exciting technology from the laboratory to the production floor.