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Punching & Shearing

S4Xe: punching & shearing center.

S4Xe: punching & shearing center.

Time, performance, environment

An array of technology that guarantees high performance and process efficiency. A highly flexible, productive and automatic system that ensures the most efficient material management, processing nests without holding scrap and reducing waste to a minimum. A winning solution even when working in line with panel benders.  S4Xe Punch Shear: you have chosen to work with the best.

SL4: Integrated punching and fibre laser cutting system

The shortest path from design to production.

Created to satisfy the most demanding needs in terms of flexibility, the SL4 is the  Salvagnini solution that combines 4 different functions in a single compact structure:

  1. the S4Xe punching system  
  2. the laser cutting with an optic fibre power source
  3. the complete automation typical of Salvagnini systems
  4. the proprietary programming software
The combination of the punching machine with the laser makes it possible to maintain all the advantages of the multi-press head while allowing the user to create extremely articulated profiles.