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5snsbrandsslider 03About GEKA

The Steel Working Company

Since 1919, GEKA Group has been manufacturing ironworkers for angle work, strips and profiles - for ironmongery, metal workshops, metal constructions, telecommunication and electricity towers and, generally all that is related with civil and industrial construction.

Many years of effort and work. Years of studying and resolving problems and also years of continuous contact with clients: GEKA Group has a profound knowledge of the product and this makes them different.

From their first ironworkers things have changed a lot. Market necessities, new technologies and improvement in metal production, have made GEKA Group adapt its machinery to new times. Like this, the first manually operated shearers became mechanically operated, later hydraulically, and now these have a new version in automatic lines or CNC.

Geka. 90 years manufacturing ironworkers. We were pioneers developing ironworkers and yet continue adapting and improving them to meet market and client's' needs.

We machine all our parts and toolings at Geka. We machine and harden all our parts so that our quality standards are much higher than others offered in the market.

GEKA CNC solutions for automatic processing of profiles combines our large experience in punching and shearing with the sate of the art electronics so that we offer to the market advanced machines with an excellent price quality balance.

Our technical department can design and provide almost any accessory so that your GEKA machine can face all the jobs.

We keep researching, developing and innovating so that we can fulfill clients and market requirements.