Salvagnini L5

Salvagnini L5


L5 - The high dynamic fiber laser with patented compass structure

The result of lengthy experience in the field - Salvagnini was one of the first companies in the world to invest in fiber technology - the L5 is a productive and versatile solution, with high dynamics and competitive operating costs, that respects the environment, humankind and its work.

What are the most important achievements of the Salvagnini fiber laser?

Here are three of them: excellent productivity, high versatility, low cost per part.

The L5 is the machine that Salvagnini has dedicated exclusively to fiber. Its cutting-edge technology means that it is able to reach the very highest levels in terms of speed, accuracy, reliability and performance.

The fruit of Salvagnini’s consolidated experience in the field, the L5 today represents the future of fiber cutting. Salvagnini has been designing and manufacturing flexible and automatic 2D laser-cutting machines and systems since 1994, providing comprehensive and versatile solutions that are extremely innovative and automated. All Salvagnini laser machines feature revolutionary mechanical and control solutions, together with original programming and nesting software, so as to assure ease of use along with maximum flexibility and productivity.

L5: designed and built to achieve production excellence and high profitability, with minimum energy consumption, and respect for the environment.

The compass: maximum dynamics and minimum consumption

The L5 features an original, patented mechanical drive system consisting of a compass structure, made possible by the absence of a defined optical path. This structure is driven by a pair of rotary motors, allowing the cutting head to be moved on the XY plane over a distance of 170 mm, withdynamics of up to 5g and extremely low consumption, on account of its light weight.

The compass is the very heart of the mechanical solution patented by Salvagnini, offering similar dynamics to those of linear motors, yet keeping energy consumption and running costs down.

L5 - Compass
Cutting speeds

The benefits of a fiber source combined with Salvagnini’s optic chain – composed of the transport fiber and the proprietary focusing head – work together to generate a laser beam characterized by high power density. That translates to high speed cutting (more than 60 m/min) on medium and thin materials, without sacrificing high quality when cutting thicker materials.

L5 - Cutting speeds
Running costs

The L5 boasts extremely low running costs, thanks to:

  • the highly efficient source and chiller;
  • the elimination of optical path requirements;
  • the elimination of laser gas;
  • the lowest maintenance costs of any laser;
  • the ability to cut with compressed air. 
L5 - Running costs
Competitive cost per part

In highly competitive markets that demand both low cost and high cut quality, the L5 is one solution that satisfies both needs, while bringing increased flexibility and productivity to the shop floor. With its high cutting speeds and reduced running costs, the L5 will produce a highly competitive cost per part in any application.

APC: Adaptive control of lead-in piercing

By controlling the behavior of the material in use in real time and modulating the piercing parameters accordingly, the APC device drastically reduces the total cycle time of the work piece and the consumption of assist gas and energy, while improving quality and process reliability.

High-quality cutting with a single optic.

The L5 system features a proprietary focusing head developed in-house, that leverages Salvagnini’s extensive field experience to maximize the unique characteristics and high dynamics provided by fiber optic transmission.

The single optic head provides high quality cutting across the total range of thicknesses, assuring rapid throughput and eliminating retooling time.

L5 - Laser Trudjust


Laser TRADJUST is a revolutionary series of proprietary functions incorporated into the Salvagnini SiX controller.

Laser TRADJUST flawlessly combines the requirements of the application with the trajectories generated by CAMFiber to automatically calculate the modulation of cutting parameters as a function of changes in direction, speed and instantaneous acceleration.

With a single, predetermined cutting parameter for every material and thickness, regardless of the cutting profile, the L3 could not be more simple to use.

A wide range of machinable materials

Thanks to the wavelength typical of fiber, the L5 can:

  • effectively cut even highly reflective materials, such as high purity aluminum alloys, brass and copper – metals extremely difficult to process on traditional CO2 systems;
  • combine high speeds with high quality cutting of coated materials such as galvanized steel.

L5 - Wide rangw of machinable materials

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