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BLMsliderlogoAbout BLM Group

We are tube
Technology, dedication and service.
That is us in three words.
For over 60 years we have been making state-of-the-art systems for processing tubes,
special sections and bars to make production simpler,
more innovative and more effective for our customers.
Tube processing is our strength: laser cutting, bending, saw cutting and end-forming.
We have a comprehensive range of solutions for a wide variety of applications.

BLM specializes in the production
of CNC tube and wire bending machines, tube end forming equipment and the integration and automation of these devices.

ADIGE manufactures tube laser-cutting systems and cold sawing machines for tube and bars.
The company’s product range also includes wire brushing, measuring, washing and collection systems.

ADIGE-SYS makes combination tube and sheet laser systems, large diameter capacity laser tube cutting systems and machines for sawing and end machining tubes and bars.

Innovating: a vocation
Innovating for us means more than just implementing new ideas and making optimized products using state-of-the-art technologies.

For us, real innovation is something that must be gauged in terms of production process efficiency and efficacy and must translate into direct, material benefit for our customers.

Global presence
We speak the same language
In order to meet you, and know you and be able to respond to your particular needs we must speak the same language. Both figuratively and literally. Our worldwide network of subsidiaries, agents and exclusive service center provides before and after sales, technical training and technological support to customers in their own language. We do this in all the major countries of the world, with a local staff of factory trained experts.

31 sales locations                                 35 service locations                         77% of revenue from exports

The value of a choice is measured in the future
Quickly find the right answers to all your questions. This is our definition of service. An explanation, a tip on how to make a part, a procedure to resolve a fault, extra training, help exploiting the potentials of a machine or locating a spare part. We are here at your disposal.

177 service technicians worldwide       4690 machines supported remotely

What we offer

  • Over 60 years of expertise in tube processing
  • Global presence with local service
  • Constant dialogue before and after sales
  • Continual innovation in technologies and products
  • Specific answers with made to measure solutions
  • Safe assistance always, whenever and wherever